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NON-SYNTHETIC, UNLIKE OTHER FOOD GRADE VITAMIN E OILS. 100% edible plant-based d-alpha-tocopherol vitamin e oil. All Mother Natures Essential’s products are natural, not synthetic. MADE IN THE USA.

PREMIUM QUALITY 100% NATURAL. Mother Nature’s Essentials Vitamin E Oil contains a perfect blend of 100% planet-based d-alpha tocopherol with a splash of USDA Organic Sunflower Oil. There are no other ingredients. NO ADDITIVES. GMO-Free, Allergen-Free. NON-DEODORIZED. This is product has not been through the refining process of deodorization.

HEALTHY CARRIER OIL for your internal holistic remedies.

DAILY SUPPLEMENT. It is suggested that the average adult consumes up to 600IU a day. Can be added to a salad or juice. Helps support immune health and a healthy heart.

YOU’RE HELPING TO PRESERVE MOTHER NATURE. When you purchase Mother Nature’s Essentials products, you get peace of mind. We donate a portion of the proceeds to plant saving charities, such as Friends of Trees. So when you buy our products, you are helping to preserve Mother Nature. We will be expanding our reach and helping more organizations as time goes on.

We want you to live healthy. Love our Food Grade Vitamin E Oil or choose between a full refund or a free replacement. Exceptional customer service is our priority.


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