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PURE & RAW VITAMIN E OIL. ACTUALLY D ALPHA TOCOPHEROL: Mother Nature’s Essentials Vitamin E Oil is derived from 100% edible plant based raw material. It’s rich amber color cannot be mistaken. It is not an acetate or ester or synthetic (dl-alpha-tocpheryl acetate).

This is a full spectrum Natural Vitamin E, consisting of all 4 major natural Vitamin E homologues: d-alpha-, d-beta-, d-delta-, and d-gamma-tocopherol. Alpha-tocopherols contained in mixed tocopherols are RRR-d- -tocopherol, widely considered to be the most effective form of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E Oil is a perfect carrier oil with your internal holistic remedies.

It is not an acetate or ester or synthetic (dl-alpha-tocpheryl acetate). When you purchase vitamin e oil be sure to check the ingredients.

Natural Skin Repair. Vitamin E Oil (d-alpha-tocopherol) is one of the best natural defenses against scars. Dermatologist recommend vitamin e oil to naturally assist the body mend and repair damaged skin from the inside out.

When you purchase Mother Nature’s Essentials Vitamin E Oils, you get peace of mind. We donate a portion of the proceeds to plant saving charities, so when you buy our products, you are helping to preserve Mother Nature. And if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase we refund with no questions asked.


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