The Scientific Stuff

We’ve shown you the amazing healthy “inside” benefits of Vitamin E. It wouldn’t be right, if we didn’t include the important information; the science that supports the benefits of Vitamin E, before we talk about the beauty benefits.

In the laboratory, Vitamin E shows off so much potential and awesomeness, because it’s revealed itself to be fat-soluble, meaning it can be absorbed and dissolved through the fats and oils in the human body. This is crucial for many reasons, so keep reading!

For every hair follicle on the body, there is a pore which houses it; and for every pore to maintain healthy skin and hair there is an oil. This oil which the body produces is called sebum. The benefits of sebum are two-fold. Sebum protects the skin from harmful infections caused by bacteria and fungus, and it aids in the absorption of fat-soluble substances, like fish, eggs, plant-based milks, and you guessed it, Vitamin E!

Get your Blood Pumping

Stretched end to end, in an adult body, the circulatory system’s highway of arteries, veins and capillaries measures approximately 60,000 feet. That’s over 11 miles. The summit at Mount Everest stands at 5.5 miles. Blood, oxygen and nutrients; the constantly moving “traffic” that “drives” in this massive circulation network requires well maintained “roadways.”

Vitamin E acts as a vasodilator. Dilated blood cells and relaxed muscle walls in the circulatory system allow for better circulation, and Vitamin E inhibits blood from clotting and arteries from clogging. Remember, fat- or oil-soluble Vitamin E increases resistance to free radicals and fights oxidative stress. Hardened arteries can lead to stroke and heart attack. And let’s not get started with cholesterol. As we age it is imperative to keep the “bad” cholesterol or LDL between 100 to 129 milligrams (mg) per deciliter (dL). During “rush hour” Vitamin E helps keep the traffic flowing smoothly and helps maintain good mg/dL levels!

Hey, Sunshine! 

Science shows that when Vitamin E is applied to the skin, it works it’s magic to absorb ultraviolet (UV) light, like the rays from the sun. The fancy word to describe what’s happening is called photoprotection. In other words, Vitamin E absorbs the UV light, thus protecting the skin from harmful free radical damage. Energy stolen from healthy skin cells is UV light using its unstable oxygen molecules to break the healthy DNA and get to work on prematurely ageing the skin. Let’s see how Vitamin E works to enhance, brighten and beautify your skin, and tackle discouraging scars.

What is a Scar?

Nobody “wants” a scar. However, throughout life, scars are inevitable and/or unavoidable. A scar is the result of damage to the dermis – the papillary and reticular layers of skin – on the body. Burns, cuts, airbag deployments, diseases, acne and surgeries are some of the ways that the skin can become scarred.

Founded in August 2015, Mother Nature’s Essentials was ignited from the love of the owner’s daughter, Pepper, who was born with a heart defect. She had undergone open heart surgery just 7 days after arriving into this beautiful world and this meant putting aside a full-time day job to care for her.

After trauma occurs to the 2 dermal layers, haemostasis occurs. White blood cells rush towards the injured skin and triage the wounded area. Collagen, a naturally produced protein in the body joins in, and begins repairing the dermal layers. As the skin around the wound comes in contact with the new collagen, a scar begins to form.

Depending on the size and depth of the wound; around day 4 and up to day 21, the tissue and skin begin to retract. The wound starts closing. Deeper wounds heal upwards from the deepest layers of the dermis towards the surface of the skin. As the layers underneath pull the 2 dermal layers together the scar takes shape.

After about 3 weeks, remodeling begins. At this stage, the deeper layers of tissue under the wound start to strengthen.

Remodeling can continue replicating the damaged cells and tissues for up to 4 years. Perhaps you’ve heard the words “scar tissue?” That is the term for the quality and texture of the skin after the collagen has completed the process of mending the injury. The trick is to keep an overabundance of cells and collagen from creating too much surface scar tissue. Applying Vitamin E to the injured dermal layers can help lessen the amount of scar tissue.

Our Scars Show Us Where we’ve Been, Not Where we’re Going

For some people, this quote might seem problematic. For others these words are a testament to courage and survival. To others, scars are a part of our natural beauty. These words were actually spoken by the fictitious character, David Rossi, from the television series Criminal Minds. They were told to him by a superior he worked under in the FBI. Rossi would go on to use mantra to relate his understanding to the damaged psychology and of certain people’s motives and toxic relationships with committing crime.

Scars aren’t just the cognitive reminders of a troubled affair with crumbling mental health. Scars are also physical reminders of unexpected moments in our life’s journey. Scars are the jagged, the serpentine and often abstract remnants of the body’s responses to blistering pain and unexpected challenges. Although scars are permanent stamps on the body, they also represent the beautiful wounds of warriors, the everyday people, powerlessly yielding to uncontrollable circumstances.

All Living Things

Even in nature scars are unavoidable. Mt. Saint Helens volcano rests on the intersection of two continental plates. Over 40 million years ago these two plates slammed together. The force formed a scar deep within the earth. This scar makes Mt. Saint Helens more edgy, temperamental and active. Why? It acts like a straw, drawing and moving the deeper and hotter magma to the earth’s surface.

Gaze upon the 277 miles of the Grand Canyon, and you’ll see a scar made 6 million years ago by the force of water and erosion. A kaleidoscope of colored rock formations. A natural phenomenon that cuts a swath in the earth. A scar known as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Scars are a unique and individual pattern of unmended collagen and proteins on the surface of our skin. Scars are the storytellers of the trauma. During the last stages of healing, that story may reveal an immortalized zipper, a discolored spiderweb, or a disproportionate indentation on the skin.

But our scars don’t define us. They are powerful visuals of a unique backstory, and they speak to our individuality. And our strength. A wound may leave a scar, but there are ways to treat injured skin. Mother Nature’s Essentials believes using natural 100% Vitamin E, will help to mitigate a scar’s overall development.

E-ssenntial for Healing

There may be pain and redness and swelling, but the fact that the human body goes into auto-pilot, and allows tissues and organs and skin cells to repair is a special phenomenon to behold.  When the scar is in the final stages of remodeling, it’s time to incorporate Vitamin E into the healing process. As not all types of scars are equal, Vitamin E can step in and work some magic on most types.

  • Keloids – An overabundance of collagen, overlapping as the wound is healing can create a keloid scar. The healed tissue gathers extra collagen around all the edges of the wound, are large and raised and appear darker in color than the regular skin tone. Keloid scarring can occur for up to one year as the wound is healing.
  • Contractures – Abnormal in their occurrence, this type of scar actually forms in the absence of skin. As the wound heals the skin is pulled tightly together, usually leaving a tight, smooth scar. The tightness and lack of elasticity in the skin can affect joints, tendons and muscles.
  • Hypertrophic – Similar to Keloid, these scars form strictly inside the boundaries of the wound as it closes. Very dark red in color and typically raised, hypertrophic scar are the common scars that form after stitches are removed.
  • Stretch Marks – Not a scar, actually, but stretch marks can appear as unsightly parallel lines on the skin’s surface. Stretch marks can occur from dehydrated skin, from weightlifting and bodybuilding, on the belly of a pregnant mother, as the baby grows, by gaining a sudden amount of weight too quickly, after breast implant surgery, and from a genetic disease which weakens the skin fibers, called Marfan syndrome.

Making the E Connection

So there they are, the scars and stretch marks. As the body takes time to recover, the last thing on the mind, or sometimes the only thing, is helping the scar along in the healing process. After a time, the scar remains, a reminder of what was. Scars are masters at eroding self-esteem. There may never be the perfect scar “remover.” It’s nearly impossible for skin cells to grow back exactly as they were before the damage.

Putting a little personal self-care in check, while the body does it’s thing healing, is a great first step. And that’s the beauty of Vitamin E. There are antibiotic creams, and medicated gels and other cosmetically branded potions for scars. And some have the allure of scar healing properties, claiming to be mixed with the potency of Vitamin E.

On closer inspection, a minute amount of Vitamin E is in these products, but not necessarily enough to aid in a natural, organic repair of the scar. Many over-the-counter skin topicals, to treat scars and burns, contain ingredients that can make the body resistant to bacteria or cause allergies. Do some research before applying these types of products

Feel the Heal

Applying 100% Vitamin E to a scar may provide some much needed TLC. So, we’re going to explain how Mother Nature’s Essentials 100% organic Vitamin E, when applied to scars and stretch marks goes to work! To get a better understanding of how a scar heals, let’s revisit our story about oxygen bonding to free radicals.

When a wound no longer needs regular dressing, the bandages come off. The wound is exposed to air. In that air are free radicals. Application of Vitamin E to the scar, and the skin bordering the scar sets in motion a chain reaction. Vitamin E absorbs into the skin and works to protect the skin by keeping the 2 dermal layers moisturized, and reduce inflammation as the skin repairs.                                                                          

Vitamin E, working as a fat-soluble antioxidant and an inhibitor. As the wound continues to close during the remodeling phase, the Vitamin E helps the new skin stay healthy and the damaged skin around the scar from forming an overabundance of skin cells from exposure to the free radicals.

For stretch marks, Vitamin E works similarly. A few drops in a favorite body lotion or prescription retinoid cream may support new skin cell growth and speed up the regeneration of the skin cells which stretched or shrunk too quickly. Vitamin E helps the narrow bands of stretched skin smooth out over time. Vitamin E may not keep stretch marks from appearing, but at the first sign of stretch marks, don’t panic. Apply Vitamin E daily and massage thoroughly into the skin for the best effective treatment. Prior to starting a prescription treatment, always seek medical counsel.    

Best Face Forward

We’ve shown you some of the amazing things Vitamin E can do for you. For your health it’s a powerhouse antioxidant. As a part of your beauty routine it can help keep the skin looking hydrated, smooth and flawless.

When you get your 2oz bottle of Mother Nature’s Essentials Vitamin E, take it for a spin in the kitchen, then treat yourself to this instant DIY spa treatment.

DIY Vitamin E Facial

1 teaspoon each:

  • Plain yogurt – packed full of zinc and lactic acid to moisturize and cleanse, help brighten the skin and fight anti-aging.
  • Honey – the antibacterial properties are phenomenal.
  • Touch of Lemon – All the Vitamin C to exfoliate and tone.

4 drops Mother Nature’s Essentials Vitamin E oil – to soothe and let those anti-aging tocotrienols go to work!

Mix thoroughly:

  • Apply with a soft brush.
  • Leave on your face no more than 10 minutes – acidic masks can be irritating if left on the skin too long.

Rinse and pat your face dry with a soft, clean towel. Stare in the mirror and see how this simple, pantry-friendly mask has provided your skin with renewed collagen and new cell production. Face it, it’s worth it!

Make this mask about 2 times a week. Stop using it if you have a reaction or experience redness or irritation. Spot test a small spot on an inconspicuous part of your face before applying to the entire area.

*Mother Nature’s Essentials cannot and does not contain medical and health advice. The medical and health information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice.