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Here is the update on our little (or big) friend Gito the orangutan.

“In the past five years that Gito has been at our centre in Indonesia, he has been going from strength to strength. With his best friend Asoka at his side, his curiosity and foraging skills drive him further into the forest during Baby School and he quite often returns with black lips due to all the fruit he’s been eating! He is showing brilliant orangutan behavior and his skills bode well for his future in the freedom of the forest.

After what poor Gito had been put through in the first few months of his life, he continues to impress the vets and prove that he is ready and raring for new challenges in Baby School and beyond.

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It seems like just yesterday when Gito arrived at our centre. Weak, screaming in pain and riddled with a parasitic skin infection, he was taken to our centre after his owners abandoned him in a rotting cardboard box. Against all odds, he pulled through, and began the long road of rehabilitation that YOU have helped him walk.

Four years on from his rescue, Gito is unrecognisable. This beautiful, happy orangutan is still attending ‘Baby School’, with his best friend Asoka. Together, they roam around the forest, swinging from one tree to another and foraging for the delicious fruits the island has to offer.
We are pleased to report that Gito’s recent health check shows him in a good, healthy condition. This amazing news makes us even more confident about his future, which is looking very bright indeed.

Thank you for everything you have done to support Gito!”