Say "Hi" To Gito our adopted Orangutan from the last 5 years.

Mother Nature Essentials helps support the International Animal Rescue.

Here is the update on our little (or big) friend Gito the orangutan.

"In the past five years that Gito has been at our centre in Indonesia, he has been going from strength to strength. With his best friend Asoka at his side, his curiosity and foraging skills drive him further into the forest during Baby School and he quite often returns with black lips due to all the fruit he’s been eating! He is showing brilliant orangutan behavior and his skills bode well for his future in the freedom of the forest.

After what poor Gito had been put through in the first few months of his life, he continues to impress the vets and prove that he is ready and raring for new challenges in Baby School and beyond.

Adopt Gito today to receive regular exclusive updates and join him on his journey back to the wild.

It seems like just yesterday when Gito arrived at our centre. Weak, screaming in pain and riddled with a parasitic skin infection, he was taken to our centre after his owners abandoned him in a rotting cardboard box. Against all odds, he pulled through, and began the long road of rehabilitation that YOU have helped him walk.

Four years on from his rescue, Gito is unrecognisable. This beautiful, happy orangutan is still attending ‘Baby School’, with his best friend Asoka. Together, they roam around the forest, swinging from one tree to another and foraging for the delicious fruits the island has to offer.
We are pleased to report that Gito’s recent health check shows him in a good, healthy condition. This amazing news makes us even more confident about his future, which is looking very bright indeed.

Thank you for everything you have done to support Gito!"

Raspberry Bubbles Bath & Shower Gel

Energizing and fun. This recipe doubles as a shower gel for speedy washing.

2 tbsp bath base
1 cup fresh raspberries
1 drop of tea tree essential oil

to make
Use a thick consistency base soap so the end result is not too runny.
Use a blender to blend all ingredients together. You could also puree the respberries and
then mix the other ingredients in. Refrigerate overnight to set and store in
refrigerator after use. Should last over a week in the fridge.

to use
Pour small amount under running bath water or
se as a shower gel.

For Mature - Skin Grapefruit Puff Recipe

Fresh grapefruit juice tightens and uplifts, while egg whites
nourish and provides the skin with vital minerals.

1 egg (yoke and whites)
1 tbsp fresh grapefruit juice
2 drops of vitamin e

to make
Beat the egg whites until fluffy. Fold in the yoke and grapefruit juice,
adding the vitamin e. The mixture will thicken a little but don't over mix.

to use
Apply to dry clean skin.  Lay back and relax, try placing cucumber slices over
your eyes to cool and sooth while you wait for about 10 minutes and then rinse off.

Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus & Sweet Orange 

Yoga Mat Essential Oil Cleaning Spray

After Yoga, spray down your mat with this unique blend of essential oils and witch hazel (cleaning agent), filling your senses giving you a feeling of relaxation and revitalization at the same time.

You will need:

1 ounce of witch hazel

2 drops of lemon grass essential oil

2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

3 drops of sweet orange essential oil

1  glass spray bottle 4 ounce


After Sun Spray Lavender & Peppermint

After Sun Spray How To Video

After Sun Spray ultra-hydrating, restoring the hp balance of sun baked skin.

Witch hazel has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce discomfort from sunburn. We are adding aloe vera as well for calming the skin and is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

This recipe will make 4 ounces.
4 ounces of witch hazel
2 table spoons of aloe vera
4 drops of vi
tamin e
3 drops of peppermint
3 drops of lavender
We suggest that you apply to clean dry skin.

Basic Bath Salt Recipe - Endless creations!

All bath salts are similar in their creation, with different ingredients added for fragrance and remedial properties.
Epson salts are an excellent remedy for drawing out impurities and to relax muscle tension.

base ingredients
1 cup of epson salt
2 tsp of organic corn starch

floral add ins:
2 tbsp of your favorite dried/fresh flower/leaf (rose petals, orris root, lavender pedals, chamomile, marigold, etc)

essential oil add ins:
4 drops of your favorite essential oil, i.e. lavender, geranium, orange, etc.

citrus add ins:
1/2 cup of peeled or sliced citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, line, etc.)

fizzy add ins:
2 tbsp of baking soda
Adding baking soda can breakdown oily skin and assist in restoring the ph levels of your skin.

to make
Mix all ingredients, along with a selection of the above. If you are adding essential oils make sure it is thoroughly dispersed. The corn starch softens the skin and holds the other ingredients together.

to use
Add the desired amount of salts to your bath.

Honey & Banana Rehydration Mask Recipe

Nourishing banana & honey provides intense moister and gives a delicious rich fragrance to this mask.

1 ripe banana
2 tbsp (30 ml) honey
1 tbsp fresh natural greek yogurt
3 drops of vitamin e

To make
Mash bananas with fork, add other ingredients and mix thoroughly.  If you have a blender, this works too! Make sure the honey is warm enough to disperse through the other ingredients.  Honey should be kept at room temperature; it will crystalize in the fridge.

To use

Apply in generous amounts over the face and neck.  Do not apply in a steamy bath because it will slide off.  Allow to dry for 15 minutes and remove.

Honey & Lemon Bath Elixir Bubble Bath Base Recipe

Mild and soothing yet uplifting, this bath preparation leaves your skin silky smooth and pampered - a perfect start for an evening out.

2 tbsp (30 ml) of honey
2 tbsp (30 ml) of fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp of bubble bath base (1 tbsp of your favori犀利士
te body oil & 1 tbsp of your favorite bubble bath soap)
5 drops of Vitamin e oil

To make
Make a bubble bath base by combining your favorite body oil (coconut oil or sweet almond oil), vitamin e & bubble bath soap and mixing thoroughly.
In a separate bowl mix the honey and lemon juice thoroughly.
Lastly combine everything into one concoction slowly and thoroughly.
Note: Try using Dr. Teals foaming bath as your bubble bath soap :)

To use
Add this elixir to running bath water to create a luxurious bath.  As an addition, add some fresh lemon peel and lemon slices to your bath.

Delicious Smooth-E Recipe for a Healthy Body

Here’s a tasty way to start your day off right, with whole foods and Vitamin E Oil for a boost of antioxidants!

Mother Nature’s Essentials Fruit-E Smoothie Recipe
1 cup plain yogurt
1 banana
1 cup frozen tropical fruit mix
1 1/2 - 2 cups orange or pin犀利士
eapple juice
3 drops food grade vitamin e oil
1/2 cup of organic spinach

Mix all ingredients together in a blender and enjoy a delicious tropical morning treat to keep the body healthy. 

Quick & Easy Vitamin E Oil Lotion Bar for Beautiful Skin

Want to do something special for your skin? Try this amazing DIY lotion bar! The ingredients were chosen specifically for their soothing, anti-aging, skin-healing properties.

The best Mother Nature’s Essentials Pure Vitamin E Oil lotion bar recipe:

1/4 C beeswax
1 Tbs shea butter
2 Tbs cocoa butter
2 Tbs almond oil
1 Tbs jojoba or coconut oil
1/2 tsp Mother Nature’s Essentials Pure Vitamin E Oil 30,000UI
30-40 total drops of any of the following essential oils (mix ‘n match!): frankincence, lavendar, rosehip, myrrh, geranium, ylang ylang

Melt beeswax, shea and cocoa butters in a double boiler over low-medium heat.
Turn off heat and mix in almond and jojoba or coconut oils.
Add Vitamin E Oil and essential oils and mix well.
Pour into a silicone mold.
Let bars cool completely then remove from mold.
Store in a closed container for up to 6 months.

Rub lotion bars onto skin daily and enjoy healthier, more radiant skin!

Why You Should Supplement With Kosher Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. It works as both a nutrient and an antioxidant. As an antioxidant it protects our cells from the damage of free radicals and may help ward off cancer. Vitamin E supports our immune functions, promotes a healthy heart, and helps our blood vessels remain smooth. It’s also rather famous for its role in treating skin issues.

Vitamin E supplements have been shown to improve the symptoms of eczema like skin dryness, itching, and flaking. If you’ve been suffering from eczema flares, try pairing kosher Vitamin E oil with oil of oregano. Oil of oregano is a strong antimicrobial and inhibits the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and candida, which can aggravate eczema. Both oils together pack a powerful punch against skin problems.

To treat eczema from the inside out, take 3 drops of kosher Vitamin E oil and 2-4 drops of oil of oregano orally each day. If you find the flavors too strong, take with liquids or a meal.

These two oils can also be used topically against eczema. Blend 4 drops each of oil of oregano and kosher Vitamin E oil and apply to your skin daily.

How and Why Vitamin E Works by Herbert Bailey

“What Vitamin E is, why it has such an almost unlimited capacity to affect a number of maladies which afflict all of us, from the unborn—to the old-age.

1. Vitamin E is an oil-soluble vitamin, like vitamins A, D, and K. It is found ‘in the liver and all other
organs, such as the heart. Milk and eggs also contain it. Grains are a source and, to a much lesser degree, some leafy vegetables. Blood also has’ Vitamin E, depending, of course, upon the level of E in the individual.

2. It has been established that Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and, therefore, an oxygen conservator. (Vitamin C is also to a lesser degree, in addition to possessing many other properties, as does E.) This means that Vitamin E prevents the oxidative processes of polyunsaturated fats, thus stopping the process which turns cells ‘‘rancid,’’ leading to their hasty death. The cells’ death, of course, contributes significantly to our own demise since almost all disease begins at the molecular or cellular level, including the brain, heart, blood, skin, bones, and just about every other constituent of that creature we call human. Recent studies show also that Vitamin E almost certainly plays a very important role in the ‘‘immune’’ as well as the ‘’autoimmune” processes.

3. Vitamin E is also a vasodilator. This means that it opens up the blood vessels, even the all-important tiny capillaries, which “feed’’ every cell in the body, including naturally the heart, brain, and all the other vital organs. It is providing more food—in the form of blood—with less strain, particularly if the vessels are clogged with fatty deposits (atherosclerosis) or calcium deposits which are associated with “hardening’’ of the arteries. Either or both produce

almost the same symptoms and usually result in heart attacks or strokes, in addition to a multitude of other accompanying ailments.

4. Vitamin E is the only known agent to prevent “plaques’’ from forming and depositing their deadly cargoes of LDL cholesterol inside the arterial walls, thereby blocking the blood flow to the heart. Vitamin E accomplishes this astonishing feat by ‘‘oxidizing’’ the LDL before it can even form plaques, thus, of course preventing most heart attacks and cerebral strokes.

5. Vitamin E protects red blood cells from aging. In classic experiments, several researchers found that not only in every species of animal studied, but in man himself, red blood cells lived longer when extra Vitamin E was supplied. Perhaps this finding was initiated by the astronauts, many of whom came back from their celestial journeys suffering from severe anemia caused by destruction of ted blood cells. This condition was not caused by lack of proper food, but by lack of sufficient Vitamin E, related to their living in a weightless environment for a long period and breathing pure oxygen for days with little exertion.When they received extra amounts of Vitamin E and adjusted the oxygen-nitrogen ratio, the anemia vanished promptly. This should have made headlines and been on every newscast, but instead buried in medical journals. Reason? The Medical Establishment, of course, which didn’t want Vitamin E extolled for anything. The late professor David Turner received a NASA award for explaining the cause and cure of the ‘‘space’’ anemia.

6. Vitamin E is a safe, effective anticoagulant (blood clot preventive and dissolver). For almost two and one-- half decades, the famed Dr. Alton Ochsner, first at Tulane Medical School and then later at his own clinic, routinely administered Vitamin E prior to surgery. The results were amazing. The death rate from clotting dropped phenomenally.”

- Herbert Bailey

ACV - A Work of Genius

All vinegars go through the same fermentation process, however, not all vinegars are created equal. The chemistry behind vinegar is a conversion from ethanol, the alcohol fuel distilled from plant materials, into acetic acid. The key to a vinegar’s place on the pantry shelf, is the fruit, vegetable, grain or sugar. That ingredient determines the vinegar’s ultimate flavor, uses and benefits.

For all intents and purposes, apple cider vinegar (ACV) should be a staple pantry item in the kitchen. The oils, grains and flours, spices, and stock you use to cook and bake, should be complemented by a bottle of Mother Nature’s Essentials ACV. From breakfast, lunch and dinner, to snacks cocktails and even an entire summer barbecue, ACV will enhance the flavors of all your culinary delights.   

Apple cider vinegar is hands down a healthy and delicious work of genius. Here are some of our favorite recipes using ACV, along with some surprising ACV baking hacks to keep handy. For all your cooking or baking, ACV even compliments Paleo, Vegan, and Vegetarian diets!

Breakfast is Served!

For many, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A high protein breakfast can fuel the body and kickstart a busy work day with a jam packed to-do list. ACV can help make your mornings come alive with flavor and great health benefits.

Egg Substitute? - Yes, ACV can be used as an egg substitute. If you're sensitive to eggs, or if you prefer a more vegan-inspired diet, ACV has you covered. For cakes, cupcakes, breads and even pancakes, simply substitute 1 egg with 1 tablespoon of ACV and 1 teaspoon of baking soda.

Soured Plant Milk! - Well, this doesn’t seem appetizing! When ACV is added to a favorite plant milk, the reactive properties “curdle” the milk. Pour 2 tablespoons of ACV into a cup, then add 1 cup of Almond, Oat, Soy or Coconut milk. Let the mixture rest at room temperature for at least 5 minutes. The thick, creamy cottage cheese-like result is similar to buttermilk, and is a great substitute for any recipe that calls for dairy!

Preheat the Oven!

Raspberry-Almond Muffins (gluten free) - Make a dozen of these great tasting muffins and you won’t have to worry about breakfast for a few days. We plucked this easy muffin recipe from WELL + GOOD Cookbook.

Yields 12 muffins


  • 2 cups almond flour
  • 2 large eggs (or ACV substitute)
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1 Tbsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp almond extract
  • 1 tsp ACV
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 1 cup fresh or strained thawed frozen raspberries

You can find the instructions here!

The Remedy for Pancakes: More Pancakes!

Vegan Apple Cider Pancakes - Gather around the table for this winning take on a breakfast classic from Simply Quinoa. You might make this your weekend tradition. Whip up the following ingredients and have a stack on the table in 25 minutes!


  • 1 cup quinoa flour (toasted)
  • ½ cup almond flour
  • 1 tablespoon coconut flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon sea salt
  • 2 “FLAX EGGS” - 2 tablespoons flaxseed meal + 6 tablespoons water
  • 1/2 cup Mother Nature’s Essentials ACV
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 tablespoon light flavored nut oil
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans or grated apple      

                                                                                                                                                You can find the instructions here!                                                                                                                         Stack on a plate and serve with your favorite warm maple syrup, chopped nuts and dairy or non-dairy whipped cream.

Raise the Bar!

We searched high and low for the perfect Granola Bar. This fiber-rich powerhouse from Food faith Fitness has nutrients aplenty, is low in calories, and raises the bar in overall flavor profile. It’s a seasonal favorite many of us now long for year round. Grab your slow-cooker and call the kids into the kitchen. Divvy up the responsibilities and make this crowd pleaser as a family!

  • Wet ingredients: 1 3/4 Cup Canned pumpkin puree, 2/3 Cup Coconut sugar, 3 Tbsp Maple syrup, 1 tsp Mother Nature’s Essentials ACV.
  • Dry ingredients: 1 Cup Rolled old fashioned oats, 1 Cup Oat flour, 1 Tbsp Pumpkin pie spice, 1/2 Tbsp Cinnamon, 1 tsp Baking soda, 1/4 tsp Salt.
  • Optional: Toasted chopped pecans.

You can find the instructions here!

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

At a time when self-care and spending time with your family is so important, finding happiness in a leisurely breakfast is something to look forward to each morning. Parse out and switch up the table setting, ingredient fetching, mixing and blending, and clean-up responsibilities to each family member, then gather together around the table for a simple and delicious breakfast. It’s a terrific way to start the day, knowing that you’re benefiting from healthy and nutritious foods, powered by natural, tasty ingredients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I                                                                                                                                    Incorporating Mother Nature’s Essentials ACV into your daily breakfast routine, and favorite recipes, not only benefits the health of your family, it works as an excellent substitute for restricted or preferred diets, and adds a unique flavor boost to so many delicious breakfast options. We hope you enjoy the recipes we’ve shared with you, and discover more delicious culinary ideas that bring Mother Nature’s Essentials ACV into the kitchen.

Gunther, John. “John Gunther Quotes.” BrainyQuote, Xplore, 2020,

E-senntially Beautiful

The Scientific Stuff

We’ve shown you the amazing healthy “inside” benefits of Vitamin E. It wouldn’t be right, if we didn’t include the important information; the science that supports the benefits of Vitamin E, before we talk about the beauty benefits.

In the laboratory, Vitamin E shows off so much potential and awesomeness, because it’s revealed itself to be fat-soluble, meaning it can be absorbed and dissolved through the fats and oils in the human body. This is crucial for many reasons, so keep reading!

For every hair follicle on the body, there is a pore which houses it; and for every pore to maintain healthy skin and hair there is an oil. This oil which the body produces is called sebum. The benefits of sebum are two-fold. Sebum protects the skin from harmful infections caused by bacteria and fungus, and it aids in the absorption of fat-soluble substances, like fish, eggs, plant-based milks, and you guessed it, Vitamin E!

Get your Blood Pumping

Stretched end to end, in an adult body, the circulatory system’s highway of arteries, veins and capillaries measures approximately 60,000 feet. That’s over 11 miles. The summit at Mount Everest stands at 5.5 miles. Blood, oxygen and nutrients; the constantly moving “traffic” that “drives” in this massive circulation network requires well maintained “roadways.”

Vitamin E acts as a vasodilator. Dilated blood cells and relaxed muscle walls in the circulatory system allow for better circulation, and Vitamin E inhibits blood from clotting and arteries from clogging. Remember, fat- or oil-soluble Vitamin E increases resistance to free radicals and fights oxidative stress. Hardened arteries can lead to stroke and heart attack. And let’s not get started with cholesterol. As we age it is imperative to keep the “bad” cholesterol or LDL between 100 to 129 milligrams (mg) per deciliter (dL). During “rush hour” Vitamin E helps keep the traffic flowing smoothly and helps maintain good mg/dL levels!

Hey, Sunshine! 

Science shows that when Vitamin E is applied to the skin, it works it’s magic to absorb ultraviolet (UV) light, like the rays from the sun. The fancy word to describe what’s happening is called photoprotection. In other words, Vitamin E absorbs the UV light, thus protecting the skin from harmful free radical damage. Energy stolen from healthy skin cells is UV light using its unstable oxygen molecules to break the healthy DNA and get to work on prematurely ageing the skin. Let’s see how Vitamin E works to enhance, brighten and beautify your skin, and tackle discouraging scars.

What is a Scar?

Nobody “wants” a scar. However, throughout life, scars are inevitable and/or unavoidable. A scar is the result of damage to the dermis - the papillary and reticular layers of skin - on the body. Burns, cuts, airbag deployments, diseases, acne and surgeries are some of the ways that the skin can become scarred.

Founded in August 2015, Mother Nature’s Essentials was ignited from the love of the owner’s daughter, Pepper, who was born with a heart defect. She had undergone open heart surgery just 7 days after arriving into this beautiful world and this meant putting aside a full-time day job to care for her.

After trauma occurs to the 2 dermal layers, haemostasis occurs. White blood cells rush towards the injured skin and triage the wounded area. Collagen, a naturally produced protein in the body joins in, and begins repairing the dermal layers. As the skin around the wound comes in contact with the new collagen, a scar begins to form.

Depending on the size and depth of the wound; around day 4 and up to day 21, the tissue and skin begin to retract. The wound starts closing. Deeper wounds heal upwards from the deepest layers of the dermis towards the surface of the skin. As the layers underneath pull the 2 dermal layers together the scar takes shape.

After about 3 weeks, remodeling begins. At this stage, the deeper layers of tissue under the wound start to strengthen.

Remodeling can continue replicating the damaged cells and tissues for up to 4 years. Perhaps you’ve heard the words “scar tissue?” That is the term for the quality and texture of the skin after the collagen has completed the process of mending the injury. The trick is to keep an overabundance of cells and collagen from creating too much surface scar tissue. Applying Vitamin E to the injured dermal layers can help lessen the amount of scar tissue.

Our Scars Show Us Where we’ve Been, Not Where we’re Going

For some people, this quote might seem problematic. For others these words are a testament to courage and survival. To others, scars are a part of our natural beauty. These words were actually spoken by the fictitious character, David Rossi, from the television series Criminal Minds. They were told to him by a superior he worked under in the FBI. Rossi would go on to use mantra to relate his understanding to the damaged psychology and of certain people’s motives and toxic relationships with committing crime.

Scars aren’t just the cognitive reminders of a troubled affair with crumbling mental health. Scars are also physical reminders of unexpected moments in our life’s journey. Scars are the jagged, the serpentine and often abstract remnants of the body’s responses to blistering pain and unexpected challenges. Although scars are permanent stamps on the body, they also represent the beautiful wounds of warriors, the everyday people, powerlessly yielding to uncontrollable circumstances.

All Living Things

Even in nature scars are unavoidable. Mt. Saint Helens volcano rests on the intersection of two continental plates. Over 40 million years ago these two plates slammed together. The force formed a scar deep within the earth. This scar makes Mt. Saint Helens more edgy, temperamental and active. Why? It acts like a straw, drawing and moving the deeper and hotter magma to the earth’s surface.

Gaze upon the 277 miles of the Grand Canyon, and you’ll see a scar made 6 million years ago by the force of water and erosion. A kaleidoscope of colored rock formations. A natural phenomenon that cuts a swath in the earth. A scar known as one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Scars are a unique and individual pattern of unmended collagen and proteins on the surface of our skin. Scars are the storytellers of the trauma. During the last stages of healing, that story may reveal an immortalized zipper, a discolored spiderweb, or a disproportionate indentation on the skin.

But our scars don’t define us. They are powerful visuals of a unique backstory, and they speak to our individuality. And our strength. A wound may leave a scar, but there are ways to treat injured skin. Mother Nature’s Essentials believes using natural 100% Vitamin E, will help to mitigate a scar’s overall development.

E-ssenntial for Healing

There may be pain and redness and swelling, but the fact that the human body goes into auto-pilot, and allows tissues and organs and skin cells to repair is a special phenomenon to behold.  When the scar is in the final stages of remodeling, it’s time to incorporate Vitamin E into the healing process. As not all types of scars are equal, Vitamin E can step in and work some magic on most types.

  • Keloids - An overabundance of collagen, overlapping as the wound is healing can create a keloid scar. The healed tissue gathers extra collagen around all the edges of the wound, are large and raised and appear darker in color than the regular skin tone. Keloid scarring can occur for up to one year as the wound is healing.
  • Contractures - Abnormal in their occurrence, this type of scar actually forms in the absence of skin. As the wound heals the skin is pulled tightly together, usually leaving a tight, smooth scar. The tightness and lack of elasticity in the skin can affect joints, tendons and muscles.
  • Hypertrophic - Similar to Keloid, these scars form strictly inside the boundaries of the wound as it closes. Very dark red in color and typically raised, hypertrophic scar are the common scars that form after stitches are removed.
  • Stretch Marks - Not a scar, actually, but stretch marks can appear as unsightly parallel lines on the skin’s surface. Stretch marks can occur from dehydrated skin, from weightlifting and bodybuilding, on the belly of a pregnant mother, as the baby grows, by gaining a sudden amount of weight too quickly, after breast implant surgery, and from a genetic disease which weakens the skin fibers, called Marfan syndrome.

Making the E Connection

So there they are, the scars and stretch marks. As the body takes time to recover, the last thing on the mind, or sometimes the only thing, is helping the scar along in the healing process. After a time, the scar remains, a reminder of what was. Scars are masters at eroding self-esteem. There may never be the perfect scar “remover.” It’s nearly impossible for skin cells to grow back exactly as they were before the damage.

Putting a little personal self-care in check, while the body does it’s thing healing, is a great first step. And that’s the beauty of Vitamin E. There are antibiotic creams, and medicated gels and other cosmetically branded potions for scars. And some have the allure of scar healing properties, claiming to be mixed with the potency of Vitamin E.

On closer inspection, a minute amount of Vitamin E is in these products, but not necessarily enough to aid in a natural, organic repair of the scar. Many over-the-counter skin topicals, to treat scars and burns, contain ingredients that can make the body resistant to bacteria or cause allergies. Do some research before applying these types of products

Feel the Heal

Applying 100% Vitamin E to a scar may provide some much needed TLC. So, we’re going to explain how Mother Nature’s Essentials 100% organic Vitamin E, when applied to scars and stretch marks goes to work! To get a better understanding of how a scar heals, let's revisit our story about oxygen bonding to free radicals.

When a wound no longer needs regular dressing, the bandages come off. The wound is exposed to air. In that air are free radicals. Application of Vitamin E to the scar, and the skin bordering the scar sets in motion a chain reaction. Vitamin E absorbs into the skin and works to protect the skin by keeping the 2 dermal layers moisturized, and reduce inflammation as the skin repairs.                                                                          

Vitamin E, working as a fat-soluble antioxidant and an inhibitor. As the wound continues to close during the remodeling phase, the Vitamin E helps the new skin stay healthy and the damaged skin around the scar from forming an overabundance of skin cells from exposure to the free radicals.

For stretch marks, Vitamin E works similarly. A few drops in a favorite body lotion or prescription retinoid cream may support new skin cell growth and speed up the regeneration of the skin cells which stretched or shrunk too quickly. Vitamin E helps the narrow bands of stretched skin smooth out over time. Vitamin E may not keep stretch marks from appearing, but at the first sign of stretch marks, don’t panic. Apply Vitamin E daily and massage thoroughly into the skin for the best effective treatment. Prior to starting a prescription treatment, always seek medical counsel.    

Best Face Forward

We’ve shown you some of the amazing things Vitamin E can do for you. For your health it’s a powerhouse antioxidant. As a part of your beauty routine it can help keep the skin looking hydrated, smooth and flawless.

When you get your 2oz bottle of Mother Nature's Essentials Vitamin E, take it for a spin in the kitchen, then treat yourself to this instant DIY spa treatment.

DIY Vitamin E Facial

1 teaspoon each:

  • Plain yogurt - packed full of zinc and lactic acid to moisturize and cleanse, help brighten the skin and fight anti-aging.
  • Honey - the antibacterial properties are phenomenal.
  • Touch of Lemon - All the Vitamin C to exfoliate and tone.

4 drops Mother Nature's Essentials Vitamin E oil - to soothe and let those anti-aging tocotrienols go to work!

Mix thoroughly:

  • Apply with a soft brush.
  • Leave on your face no more than 10 minutes - acidic masks can be irritating if left on the skin too long.

Rinse and pat your face dry with a soft, clean towel. Stare in the mirror and see how this simple, pantry-friendly mask has provided your skin with renewed collagen and new cell production. Face it, it’s worth it!

Make this mask about 2 times a week. Stop using it if you have a reaction or experience redness or irritation. Spot test a small spot on an inconspicuous part of your face before applying to the entire area.

*Mother Nature’s Essentials cannot and does not contain medical and health advice. The medical and health information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

Invite Mother Nature’s Essentials ACV to the Barbeque!

Invite Mother Nature’s Essentials ACV to the Barbeque!

It’s a fact that apple cider vinegar (ACV) makes for a great addition to a marinade and vinaigrette. What if this simply delicious and healthy vinegar could be infused into every single dish on the picnic table at your next barbecue?

Summer isn’t official without a sunny afternoon, a run through the sprinklers, a game of lawn darts and a backyard barbecue. A barbecue brings together a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, from the local farmers market. Fresh peaches and strawberries transform into luscious pies. Crunchy radishes, cucumbers, carrots and zesty bell peppers liven up a crudite. Garden to table salads and easy to prepare side dishes, plus healthy, refreshing beverages, bursting with summer flavors round out the perfect barbecue. The barbecue isn’t complete, however, without a platter of fresh-off-the-grill delights.

The concept and origins of barbecuing are anyone’s guess. Barbecue comes from the Caribbean word barbacoa, which was actually a type of wooden structure, built by Taino Indians. It served as more of a smokehouse than a grill. Barbecue would become popular in the United States around the time of the Colonial Period. The popularity of barbecued foods stretched from the Carolinas, across to Texas and up into Kansas City. Each region found a unique way to marinate, sauce and grill.

Barbecue would become as simple as the time-honored Americana-style hamburgers and hotdogs, with basic condiments and grilled buns. Effortless, affordable and always a crowd pleaser. More and more, the ever-popular plant based proteins are making appearances at barbecues. Tofu and tempeh, and wildly flavorful burgers made from grains and beans. Even the portobello mushroom is finding a way into exquisitely crafted marinades, and grilled among the staples of ribs and corn-on-the-cob!

Grab a checkered tablecloth, dust of the cooler, uncover the barbecue and get those coals heated up. Then gather around the table with your family and enjoy these inspired recipes, some good conversation and delicious foods and drinks fueled by Mother Nature’s Essentials ACV! 

The Crowd Pleaser - Crudité

When guests arrive at the barbecue they aren’t typically invited to enjoy the “raw things,” or the “rough food.” Instead, they are directed to partake in the beautiful crudité, a platter of fresh crispy and crunchy garden vegetables. The French word crudité comes from crudo, meaning raw. Small appetizer platters, sometimes referred to as the amuse bouche, a small amount of food, is served to stimulate the appetite.

At the start of a meal at a French restaurant a small plate of fresh crispy vegetables might be offered, and served with a dipping sauce or vinaigrette as a first course. What makes a crudité special is the dipping sauce. Here’s one for the books: an ACV vinaigrette that will add levels of delicious flavor to any raw vegetable.


  • Fresh carrots, celery, jicama, tri-colored bell peppers, zucchini, cut into matchsticks. Raw cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, fennel, poached asparagus spears, sugar snap peas, and any other fresh crunchy vegetable.
  • For the Dip:
    • 1/4 cup white miso paste (go for a mellow flavor)
    • 1/4 cup ACV
    • 1/4 cup water
    • Good olive oil
    • Water

Slowly whisk the miso, ACV and water together. When well incorporated, whisk in 1/2 teaspoons of olive oil until the dip is to the consistency you like. If the dip gets too thick, add a little more water to thin it out. Start out with these measurements. You can always prepare a lot more of this dip after you perfect it. It’s super tasty. Store in the fridge for up to 3 days.                                              


The Must-Have - Potato Salad

Every barbecue, in our opinion, must have a potato salad. Whether you enjoy a mayo-dressed version, or a lighter alternative, tossed in vinaigrette, potato salad is the must have at a barbecue. Potato salad was exported from both Spain and Europe, and landed on American shores with 2 very distinct preparations. The Spanish preferred boiled potatoes tossed in vinegar and herbs, while the Germans introduced us to the cool and creamy mayonnaise-kissed version. Americans would go on to adopt and adore Kartoffelsalat, the rich and creamy German recipe.

Recipes of this classic salad can include boiled egg, pickle relish, stone ground, Dijon or grainy mustard. Flavors of fresh chopped celery, green onion or dill add interesting layers of texture and bite. How the potato salad is dressed is entirely up to you. We think this tasty and healthy “Spaniard-style” ACV potato salad will have your family begging for more!

Servings: 5  /  Prep Time: 5 Minutes  /  Cook Time: 20 Minutes


  • 2 pounds potatoes, washed and cut into 1/2" pieces (we like baby reds)
  • 1/2 large red onion, thinly sliced
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup ACV
  • 2 teaspoons maple syrup, OR good balsamic vinegar (the sweet tangy bite is so awesome)
  • 1 teaspoon mustard
  • 1 heaping teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • OR - a bouquet of fresh chopped herbs from the garden
  • Salt to taste, plus more for salting water
  • Pepper to taste

For instructions visit The ProtoPantry®

The Sidekick - Baked Beans

No matter the origin, or cultural twist, this centuries-old classic begins the same way: soaking the beans overnight, boiling the beans to tender perfection, then seasoning and saucing the beans with layers of delicious flavor. From Cuban black beans to Mexican Borracho beans; Boston baked beans to good old fashioned BBQ beans, every cookout has a pot of this popular dish front and center next to the platter of grilled proteins and vegetables.

The difference in the preparation of traditional BBQ baked beans from other recipes, is the addition of a rendered fat as the base flavor. Bacon, back fat or lard are usually the go to fats. If you’re vegan, a pure vegetable oil, like Avocado, Safflower or Olive, blended with smoked paprika and a smoked pepper makes a super tasty “lard'' or “fat rendered” substitute.

Servings: 5  /  Prep TIme: 5 Minutes  /  Cook Time: 20 Minutes


  • 4 slices thick-cut bacon, cut into small strips or cubes
    • OR - 1/4 cup vegetable oil, 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika & your choice of 1 smoked Poblano, 2 Smoked Serrano OR 1 smoked Chipotle pepper, blended.
  • 1 tart apple, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch pieces
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2¼ cups dried beans - Navy or Great Northern
  • 1/2 cup ketchup
    • OR 3-4 oz of tomato paste (the sugar free2) version!)
  • 1/4 cup molasses
  • 1/4 cup dark brown sugar
    • Adjust the sweetness to your liking
    • OR substitute 1/4 cup maple syrup (adds an ultimate extra layer of flavor)
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1-2 tablespoons ACV
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Make sure to rinse the beans thoroughly and soak overnight. Cover the top of the beans with a least three inches of water so they soak evenly.

When rendering bacon:

  • Cook it in a cast iron skillet over medium heat for about 8 minutes. The fat will melt and the bacon will be almost crispy.

Vegan rendered version:

  • Heat the blended mixture on medium-low.

Stir in the apple and onion to the skillet. When the apples are still a bit crisp, add the beans and give it a good stir. Next in the pot go the rest of the ingredients. After the beans reach a simmer, transfer the skillet to the oven. Bake uncovered for 30 minutes. Serve warm and enjoy!   

“Blossom of the Almond tree, April’s gift to April’s bees”

If you dream of an almond, it is predicted that you will live a peaceful life. The almond tree is referred to as "The Awakener", because it begins to bloom at the first hint of spring. One million acres of almond tree orchards in California depend on April’s bees to annually pollinate their flowers over a three week period.

Almond trees are native to Iran, and are believed to have been discovered and cultivated around 3,000 B.C. This wild, Mediterranean nut or prunus dulcis forms inside a drupe, an indehiscent* fruit.

The almond drupe is green, fuzzy, and oblong; with a meaty, dense flesh, harboring a stone at its core, like a peach. When you crack open the stone a gorgeous cinnamon-brown, nutty morsel appears. An almond! Inside the almond lives an oil with so many healthy and nourishing benefits.

Hooked on Nourishment

Almonds pack a nutrient punch. Nut enthusiasts will tell you almonds are one of the “healthiest foods in the world.” Why? Almonds are...

  • Cholesterol-free.
  • Amazing source of fiber and protein.
  • Help you pack on the good carbs and unsaturated fats.
  • They’re portable and delicious!

Almonds taste incredible and make baked goods sing. Have you tried a Williams Sonoma almond croissant?

Let’s look at almonds from another perspective.

Discover all of the healthy benefits of sweet almond oil. For dry skin, acne, eczema, puffy eyes, redness and even some skin tone issues, sweet almond oil has got you covered. Are you ready to get hooked on some phenomenal sweet almond oil nourishment? Here we go!

Cold Pressed is Best

The best almond oil is cold-pressed and hexane-free. Mother Nature’s Essentials 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil is manufactured using a high quality cold press. No hexane added. Raw almonds go in the press, and the pure, natural oil is extracted. Cold pressing retains most or all of the almond’s vitamin, minerals, fatty acids and the ever-popular antioxidant properties.

The alternative? Cooking the almonds over extremely high heat and/or adding chemicals for oil extraction. We mentioned that Mother Nature’s Essentials 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil is hexane-free. And for good reason. We refuse to let our sweet almond oil be processed using heat. We won’t let our almonds be Expeller Pressed either. Similar to cold pressing, expeller pressed oils are processed under extreme friction. To extract the oil, a chemical called hexane, a solvent, is added. That won’t do.

One last thing. MNE 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil is non-volatile. This means the almond oil has an incredibly slow evaporation rate, and it won’t rapidly change from a liquid into a gas and lose its potency or efficacy.

Inside / Outside

When used topically on the body, face and hair, you can expect nothing short of a moisturizing miracle. Here’s what you need to know about non-GMO, Mother Nature’s Essentials Sweet Almond Oil for skin and hair. Plus, some almond vitamin, mineral and fatty fun facts too!

  • Vitamin A - Have you heard of retinol? That’s the fancy term for Vitamin A. Essentially, retinol is a stimulator. It works to help grow new skin cells which in turn promotes healthier looking skin. As dead skin cells give way to new healthy skin, those pesky fine lines and wrinkles start to disappear.
    • A is also great for eyesight preservation.
  • Vitamin E - We all need some antioxidants on our skin and in our bodies. Antioxidants fight to keep healthy skin cells from becoming damaged. Vitamin E reflects and absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and other harmful free radicals, like toxins, cigarette smoke, and bacteria, to name a few.
    • Antioxidants = anti-aging!
  • Omega 3-fatty Acids - We love us some Omega 3! Because we as humans don’t produce this type of fat, we source it from fish, eggs, dairy, plants and meat. AND NUTS! If you’ve got redness, swelling or pain, a few drops of Omega 3-rich MNE Sweet Almond Oil in your favorite moisturizer is what you need in your daily beauty routine.
    • Omega 3 is vital for eye, brain and heart health.
  • Zinc - the most awesome thing about Zinc, on your skin, is that it helps with cell division and growth, and promotes cell healing.
    • Do right by your senses. You can’t smell or taste without Zinc either.
  • Minerals too? Yes! MNE 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil also contains Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. This trifecta provides even more UV protection, hormone and skin cell stabilization, and massive hydration. And that equals simply beautiful, radiant skin.
    • Sweet almond oil is working overtime and it won’t clog your pores!

All that in one little almond? Imagine a handful! Now imagine all that healthy goodness, extracted from the almond and packed into MNE 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil as your new topical treatment. To add in to your favorite moisturizer or as an after shower hair treatment. Sweet almond oil will provide your skin cells and hair follicles the same mix of vitamins, minerals and good fatty acids that eating a handful of almonds provides.

We want you to be applying the best, purest, most natural form of 100% pure organic sweet almond oil, to your face, skin and hair. So, we recommend you go about doing it, by starting here!

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (and more!)

MNE 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil is a carrier. A what? If you're an aromatherapy kind of person, then you want a dependable natural oil that “carries” your essential oils prior to application to your body. Simply add your essential oil to your Sweet almond oil and it will carry and deliver your essential oil without causing irritation and redness to the skin.

  • For Hair: Adding high amounts of vitamin E and antioxidants to your hair will keep the ends from splitting and keep your curls bouncy. Add a few drops to wet hair straight out of the shower, or apply before bed time as an overnight treatment.
  • For Skin: If you have sensitive skin or get extra dry in the winter months, adding a few drops of MNE 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil to your favorite lotion will help amplify the moisturizing properties. A few drops on your elbows, knees and heels will keep your skin soft and glowing!
  • For Face: Applying oil to the face can seem counterintuitive, especially if you’re prone to having oily skin. Almond oil works as a moisturizer, because it hydrates the skin. Use a small dime size of MNE 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil and gently pat the oil into your skin, especially around your eyes, mouth and forehead.

So, crack open a bottle of Mother Nature’s Essentials 100% Pure Organic Sweet Almond Oil. When you do you're treating your skin and hair with all the essential benefits of one of nature’s most vitamin and mineral rich foods.

Always test a small drop of sweet almond oil on your skin before using it as a regular part of your beauty regimen.

When you purchase Mother Nature’s Essentials products, you get peace of mind. We donate a portion of the proceeds to plant saving charities, such as Friends of Trees. So when you buy our products, you are helping to preserve Mother Nature.

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*Indehiscent fruits decompose before releasing seeds.

Everything You Need to Know About Vitamin E

To call Vitamin E a scavenger would actually be a complement. Like a hungry Pac-Man moving through a digital maze, hungry for dots, power pellets and blue ghosts, Vitamin E moves through the human body hungry to ingest free-radicals and protect cell membranes and important strands of DNA which make up who we are!

The potential benefits of Vitamin E vary widely. Mother Nature’s Essentials understands the importance of sourcing a 100% edible plant-based Vitamin E that nourishes and defends. Procuring raw material sources and produced in North America, the Mother Nature’s Essentials final Vitamin E product is a wonderful full-spectrum natural Vitami日本藤素
n E oil with a combination of all 4 naturally occurring tocotrienol chemicals: alpha, beta, delta and gamma.

Working together, these 4 tocotrienols help to maintain good health for the mind and body, minimize scars and stretchmarks, moisturize the skin, help with inflammation and itching caused by certain types of dermatitis, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and make fingernails and toenails smoother and healthier.

Vitamin E is Delicious     

There are numerous ways to get Vitamin E into your body simply by eating! Nice! On the next run to the grocery store, pick up a bag of sunflower seeds or almonds. A 1- ounce handful has about 49% of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA*) of Vitamin E.

Do you need to be better about eating your greens? Grab some kiwis, fresh spinach and a couple of avocados. Half an avocado has about 2.08mg of Vitamin E. The RDA is 15mg. Next time you make a bowl of guacamol-E, you’ve got your Vitamin E covered for the day and you’ll be dipping healthy! Grill or bake some Salmon steaks. They’re packed full of Vitamin E, and offer around 35% of the RDA.   

There is another great way to get the daily RDA of essential Vitamin E. Reap the wonderful benefits of Mother Nature’s Essential Vitamin E oil. Gently massage it into your skin, pat some delicately around the corner of your eyes before bedtime. Add it to your favorite moisturizer, put 3 drops in your morning OJ, refreshing beverage at lunch or a glass of water. And swirl a few drops in your morning yogurt or oven-baked granola.

I Can’t Eat That...  

Think of an apple for a moment. The beautiful shiny red skin covering the fruit acts as a protector. Once the skin is peeled away, or the apple is cut into wedges, the tender fresh fruit is exposed to oxygen. You say to yourself, “Oh, that apple is bad, I can’t eat that. On the contrary, it’s still a juicy delicious apple.

Immediately free radicals swirling about in the environment expose themselves to the flesh of the apple. Immediately, positively charged oxygen atoms and negatively charged electrons go into a Speed Dating frenzy. The more free radicals that form, the more the apple starts to brown and oxidize. Try this simple experiment.

Rub a drop or two of Mother Nature’s Essentials Vitamin E Oil on the side of one slice. Come back an hour later and see which side of the apple slice is more oxidized. The reason Vitamin E keeps one side of the apple slice looking more fresh is because Vitamin E is a Tocopherol. That’s the fancy name for an antioxidant that is fat-soluble. And any antioxidant functioning in the body, is working to protect cells and keep them healthy. It’s okay, eat the apple even if it’s oxidized.     

Most metals, like sodium, magnesium and iron fall victim to oxidation. Rust on the car and the steam holes in the clothes iron react from chemical build up, the bottom of the tea kettle gets scaly from mineral deposits, and all fruits and vegetables oxidize from exposure to oxygen mixing with free radicals. It’s the stuff of science.

How Do You Take It?

Whether Vitamin E is taken as a capsule or liquid supplement, it goes straight to work inside the body in so many beneficial ways. For one, it works similarly as it does when it’s “photo protecting” the skin from damaging UV rays. Imagine your body’s daily exposure to things such as prescription drugs, pesticides, pollutants, cleaning supplies, preservatives and cigarette smoke. These types of manmade products and by-products  straight up forms of free-radicals! In the same way UV light uses unstable oxygen molecules to destroy healthy skin cells, unstable oxygen molecules traveling in the body are searching for trouble.

When an oxygen molecule breaks in half, to form a single atom, it should naturally want to pair up with two electrons. 1 positive and 2 negative charges, inside the atom, stabilize one another and make for a healthy relationship.

The goal is for all the atoms (hydrogen, carbon, oxygen) and electrons (the negatively charged particles that create balance in the atom) to pair up in the body and play nice. But, if a single oxygen atom pairs with a wandering single electron, free radicals are formed and start to destabilize healthy atoms, or links in DNA proteins. Too many free radicals can lead to oxidative damage to cells, tissues and organs.

The Takeaway

The takeaway is this: a disproportionate amount of free radicals to antioxidants in the body can cause all types of stress-related issues, including, but not limited to, chronic fatigue, asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure. Finding the right balance includes a healthy diet and lifestyle, being aware of the environmental impact on your mind and body, and incorporating free radical fighting Vitamin E as a part of your daily routine!

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It’s temperamental and sensitive. It can overproduce oil, and boom: ACNE! When skin lacks hydration, it becomes dry as a desert. We’ve shown you how Vitamin E works on the inside. Now, we’ll take you on a journey and show you how Mother Nature’s Vitamin E can be an essential part of your beauty routine, and help keep you looking healthy on the outside.

I Can’t Eat That...

Think of an apple for a moment. The beautiful shiny red skin covering the fruit acts as a protector. Once the skin is peeled away, or the apple is cut into wedges, the tender fresh fruit is exposed to oxygen. You say to yourself, “Oh, that apple is bad, I can’t eat that. On the contrary, it’s still a juicy delicious apple.

Immediately free radicals swirling about in the environment expose themselves to the flesh of the apple. Immediately, positively charged oxygen atoms and negatively charged electrons go into a Speed Dating frenzy. The more free radicals that form, the more the apple starts to brown and oxidize. Try this simple experiment.

Rub a drop or two of Mother Nature’s Essentials Vitamin E Oil on the side of one slice. Come back an hour later and see which side of the apple slice is more oxidized. The reason Vitamin E keeps one side of the apple slice looking more fresh is because Vitamin E is a Tocopherol. That’s the fancy name for an antioxidant that is fat-soluble. And any antioxidant functioning in the body, is working to protect cells and keep them healthy. It’s okay, eat the apple even if it’s oxidized.     

Most metals, like sodium, magnesium and iron fall victim to oxidation. Rust on the car and the steam holes in the clothes iron react from chemical build up, the bottom of the tea kettle gets scaly from mineral deposits, and all fruits and vegetables oxidize from exposure to oxygen mixing with free radicals. It’s the stuff of science.

Powerful Scavenger

To call Vitamin E a scavenger would actually be a complement. Like a hungry Pac-Man moving through a digital maze, h日本藤素
ungry for dots, power pellets and blue ghosts, Vitamin E moves through the human body hungry to ingest free-radicals and protect cell membranes and important strands of DNA which make up who we are!

The potential benefits of Vitamin E vary widely. Mother Nature’s Essentials understands the importance of sourcing a 100% edible plant-based Vitamin E that nourishes and defends. Procuring raw material sources and produced in North America, the Mother Nature’s Essentials final Vitamin E product is a wonderful full-spectrum natural Vitamin E oil with a combination of all 4 naturally occurring tocotrienol chemicals: alpha, beta, delta and gamma.

Working together, these 4 tocotrienols help to maintain good health for the mind and body, minimize scars and stretchmarks, moisturize the skin, help with inflammation and itching caused by certain types of dermatitis, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and make fingernails and toenails smoother and healthier.

Earth Day 2016

In celebration of Earth Day 2016, Mother Nature’s Essentials donates sales contributions for an additional 45 new trees to be planted and pledges an additi犀利士
onal 200 new trees planted for 2016 with its donations to the Friends of Trees.