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Founded in August 2015, Mother Nature’s Essentials was ignited from the love of our daughter, Pepper, who was born with a heart defect. She had undergone open heart surgery just 7 days after arriving into this beautiful world and this meant leaving my day job to take care of her. She was a superstar and defied all odds. After completing surgery she was left with a significant scar. Our doctors mentioned two things to help with scarring: one, vitamin e oil and two, keep it out of the sun for the first year.
Finding it hard to locate a high-quality vitamin e oil, we started breaking open vitamin e capsules that you typically ingest. This was far too goopy and not practical and thus sparked our extensive research and testing to come up with the perfect vitamin e oil blend. We wanted a vitamin e oil which was 100% natural (not-synthetic) and which was easy for the skin to absorb. After many trials, we finally created this perfect vitamin e oil and truly believe we offer one of the best on the market. And as for Pepper, she is doing amazing and so is her scar. We learned from this experience that we could create a different kind of company. A company focused on putting quality and customer care first. One that also gives back to Mother Nature to help ensure our kids and their kids have a planet in which to live and enjoy their lives.

And so, Mother Natures Essentials was born and continues to grow. We strive for highest quality products including not only 100% natural and organic, but wildcrafted ingredients – eliminating the emissions of greenhouse gases through ‘low emission’ organic farming and cultivating the land in its wild form, without human intervention. We donate a portion of our proceeds to charitable organizations to help preserve our planet through recycling, up cycling and giving back.

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We truly take pride in all that we do. Our mission is to ensure that the highest quality products are readily made available foe you. In addition we participate in activities around the world, and share that with you.  Explore our blog where we share tips and best practices for you.

Our Commitment

You’ll receive the highest quality products on the market with the best customer service you’ve ever experienced all the while knowing that you are helping do your part to preserve Mother Nature and thus the earth on which we all live and depend.  All products are GMO free, soy free, and wheat free. True beauty on the inside and out.
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