“What Vitamin E is, why it has such an almost unlimited capacity to affect a number of maladies which afflict all of us, from the unborn—to the old-age.

1. Vitamin E is an oil-soluble vitamin, like vitamins A, D, and K. It is found ‘in the liver and all other
organs, such as the heart. Milk and eggs also contain it. Grains are a source and, to a much lesser degree, some leafy vegetables. Blood also has’ Vitamin E, depending, of course, upon the level of E in the individual.

2. It has been established that Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and, therefore, an oxygen conservator. (Vitamin C is also to a lesser degree, in addition to possessing many other properties, as does E.) This means that Vitamin E prevents the oxidative processes of polyunsaturated fats, thus stopping the process which turns cells ‘‘rancid,’’ leading to their hasty death. The cells’ death, of course, contributes significantly to our own demise since almost all disease begins at the molecular or cellular level, including the brain, heart, blood, skin, bones, and just about every other constituent of that creature we call human. Recent studies show also that Vitamin E almost certainly plays a very important role in the ‘‘immune’’ as well as the ‘’autoimmune” processes.

3. Vitamin E is also a vasodilator. This means that it opens up the blood vessels, even the all-important tiny capillaries, which “feed’’ every cell in the body, including naturally the heart, brain, and all the other vital organs. It is providing more food—in the form of blood—with less strain, particularly if the vessels are clogged with fatty deposits (atherosclerosis) or calcium deposits which are associated with “hardening’’ of the arteries. Either or both produce

almost the same symptoms and usually result in heart attacks or strokes, in addition to a multitude of other accompanying ailments.

4. Vitamin E is the only known agent to prevent “plaques’’ from forming and depositing their deadly cargoes of LDL cholesterol inside the arterial walls, thereby blocking the blood flow to the heart. Vitamin E accomplishes this astonishing feat by ‘‘oxidizing’’ the LDL before it can even form plaques, thus, of course preventing most heart attacks and cerebral strokes.

5. Vitamin E protects red blood cells from aging. In classic experiments, several researchers found that not only in every species of animal studied, but in man himself, red blood cells lived longer when extra Vitamin E was supplied. Perhaps this finding was initiated by the astronauts, many of whom came back from their celestial journeys suffering from severe anemia caused by destruction of ted blood cells. This condition was not caused by lack of proper food, but by lack of sufficient Vitamin E, related to their living in a weightless environment for a long period and breathing pure oxygen for days with little exertion.When they received extra amounts of Vitamin E and adjusted the oxygen-nitrogen ratio, the anemia vanished promptly. This should have made headlines and been on every newscast, but instead buried in medical journals. Reason? The Medical Establishment, of course, which didn’t want Vitamin E extolled for anything. The late professor David Turner received a NASA award for explaining the cause and cure of the ‘‘space’’ anemia.

6. Vitamin E is a safe, effective anticoagulant (blood clot preventive and dissolver). For almost two and one– half decades, the famed Dr. Alton Ochsner, first at Tulane Medical School and then later at his own clinic, routinely administered Vitamin E prior to surgery. The results were amazing. The death rate from clotting dropped phenomenally.”

– Herbert Bailey