Gito is doing very well in pre-school and is growing up nicely. He is healthy, active and has got a great body-shape for an orangutan his age. This is undoubtedly helped by his fantastic appetite, Gito is not picky at all, he eats almost anything!

While at pre-school Gito likes to climb quite high and can often be seen swinging from tree to tree. When he is not playing or eating, you can be sure Gito is with his best friend Asoka. These two do almost everything together, they play together, climb together and eat together. As these pictures and the wonderful video below shows, they even use each other as a pillow and take a midday nap together.

It is likely that Gito and Asoka are inseparable due to their unfortunate circumstances. They were both separated from their mothers at a very young age and at this stage in their lives, both babies should still be clinging to their mothers.

Gito was introduced to Asoka back in January, this was the first time he had seen another orangutan since being taken from his mother. It is therefore unsurprising that the two babies seem to have formed such a strong bond and attachment to one another. It is highly likely that they cling and hold each other to try and gain the comfort and reassurance they would have gotten from their mothers.

Our babysitters also provide this role for some of our orangutans and provide round-the-clock care to replace the love of their lost mothers. If you can, please consider purchasing the virtual gift of ‘Motherly Love’ which will go towards the constant care of Gito and the other orangutans in our care.