There are numerous ways to get Vitamin E into your body simply by eating! Nice! On the next run to the grocery store, pick up a bag of sunflower seeds or almonds. A 1- ounce handful has about 49% of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA*) of Vitamin E.

Do you need to be better about eating your greens? Grab some kiwis, fresh spinach and a couple of avocados. Half an avocado has about 2.08mg of Vitamin E. The RDA is 15mg. Next time you make a bowl of guacamol-E, you’ve got your Vitamin E covered for the day and you’ll be dipping healthy! Grill or bake some Salmon steaks. They’re packed full of Vitamin E, and offer around 35% of the RDA.   

There is another great way to get the daily RDA of essential Vitamin E. Reap the wonderful benefits of Mother Nature’s Essential Vitamin E oil. Gently massage it into your skin, pat some delicately around the corner of your eyes before bedtime. Add it to your favorite moisturizer, put 3 drops in your morning OJ, refreshing beverage at lunch or a glass of water. And swirl a few drops in your morning yogurt or oven-baked granola.