To call Vitamin E a scavenger would actually be a complement. Like a hungry Pac-Man moving through a digital maze, h日本藤素
ungry for dots, power pellets and blue ghosts, Vitamin E moves through the human body hungry to ingest free-radicals and protect cell membranes and important strands of DNA which make up who we are!

The potential benefits of Vitamin E vary widely. Mother Nature’s Essentials understands the importance of sourcing a 100% edible plant-based Vitamin E that nourishes and defends. Procuring raw material sources and produced in North America, the Mother Nature’s Essentials final Vitamin E product is a wonderful full-spectrum natural Vitamin E oil with a combination of all 4 naturally occurring tocotrienol chemicals: alpha, beta, delta and gamma.

Working together, these 4 tocotrienols help to maintain good health for the mind and body, minimize scars and stretchmarks, moisturize the skin, help with inflammation and itching caused by certain types of dermatitis, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and make fingernails and toenails smoother and healthier.