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Trying to find a NATURAL ANSWER for YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN? Or is a SCAR or STRETCH MARKS causing concern? Perhaps you’re searching for a way to achieve GLOWING & SMOOTH SKIN? Or a way to hydrate and MOISTURIZE dry, brittle hair? Mother Nature provides us with what we need. Feedback from a recent customers: “Using after surgery and my scar is almost gone. Magic!”, “My skin really enjoys this serum. I use everyday on my face and neck after washing. My skin feels radiant and moisturized.”

PREMIUM QUALITY 100% NATURAL. Mother Nature’s Essentials Vitamin E Oil contains a perfect blend of 100% planet-based d-alpha tocopherol 14,000 IU, coconut oil, vitamin c, jojoba oil. There are no other ingredients. NO ADDITIVES. Non-GMOs and Vegan. MADE IN THE USA.

NATURE’S GOODNESS for ANTI-AGING – SCAR REPAIR.  Loaded with antioxidant known to rid the skin of free-radicals and harmful effects of UV. We’ve included VITAMIN C, another antioxidant that helps with free-radicals and stimulate collagen production to decrease the appearance of FINE LINES, SCARS & STRETCH MARKS. Combining Vitamin E & C speeds up the mending procedure of the skin.

We want you to live healthy. Love our Pure Vitamin E Oil or choose between a full refund or a free replacement. Exceptional customer service is our priority.

We’ve package our products in dark amber bottles as it filters out the suns ultra-violet rays. And we’ve marked on every bottle that once you open the product you have 2 years to use before it completely deteriorates (rancidity develops). However, there are other factors that could throw off the balance of your oils in general. We would like to make a few comments on how to maintain the freshness of your Vitamin E Oil once opened. We suggest you store your Vitamin E Oil in a cool, dark place safely away from heat or light. Another point and possibly the most important advice that we could give is that oils are susceptible to deterioration and contamination through moisture. So we have a heat and moister problem as it is a breeding ground for mold and impurities. If you don’t have a cool, dark place to keep your oil, then we suggest you put them in a refrigerator. As a warning, when stored at low temperatures some of the fatty acids may solidify so just take out of the fridge and let it sit for a few minutes and a quick shake of the bottle is all that is needed.


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